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It’s the best-kept secret amongst all of Santa’s helpers – children can enjoy the company of an elf year-round! Whether you have an elf that visits your home around the holidays each year, or you are seeking a fun holiday tale, An Elf’s Journey Home is the book many parents have been waiting for!

About the Book

Heartwarming Children's Christmas Book

An Elf’s Journey Home shares one elf’s story about his love for his family and how all he really wants is to stay with them forever. Get a rare glimpse inside the mind of an elf. Learn about his excitement meeting his family, his feelings on being apart from them most of the year, and how all he really wants for Christmas is to stay with them year-round.

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"Excellent way to transition kids from Elf on a shelf"

“This book was delightfully written and illustrated. Such a clever way to transition kids from the elf on a shelf to a permanent home. The writer very skillfully wrapped several important values throughout the book; from being a good person, the true meaning of Christmas to making sure your decision is permanent when adopting a new “family” member. Love the multi-cultural theme in the illustrations as well. Highly recommend.” – Amazon Review

The Elf's Perspective

Rarely do children get to explore the perspective of Christmas elves!

Important Lessons

All children deserve joy, love, and the magic of the holidays.

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An Elf’s Journey Home is available in both paperback and Kindle versions

Meet The Author

Kristen Denzer

Kristen has dedicated much of her life trying to better support parents. Parents feel so much pressure to be a “perfect” parent – from making sure they spend hours cooking a healthy, homemade dinner to creating elaborate elf stunts around the holidays. Kristen was inspired to write her first children’s book, An Elf’s Journey Home, after the third night in a row she forgot to move her children’s elf. She searched for a book to bring an end to the tradition, found nothing, and was inspired to write one she could share with her children.

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